Dog Sled
Rides of
Winter Park

Status of Services

Sled Ride Status: Open for morning rides only, seven days a week.

Trail conditions: Spring like: icy in the morning, soft in the afternoon with intermittent dirt patches.

Kennel Tour Status: Open by special arrangement in the afternoon after the rides are finished for the day.

Cart Ride Status: Closed. We are running sleds.

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Call (970) 726-8326 or click here to schedule the experience of a lifetime.

Here are a couple videos to get you excited about your trip. These videos are all shot by us on our dog sled trails, in the dog yard, or in the dogs' exercise yard. Once you watch these, you can see some other cool dog sledding videos here:

See our other video pages:

A stampede of husky puppies at feeding time.

This is a common sight for me in the dog yard.

A cart ride from November 2011. There is snow on the ground, but not enough to be in sleds.

The beginning and end of a scooter ride. Unlike this rider, we require customers wear long pants and helmets.

Some of the house dogs running around in between the exercise yard and the house.

Talking to Roscoe at his house.

Some of the house dogs hunting for chipmunks in a wood pile.

Call (970) 726-8326 or click here to schedule the experience of a lifetime.

Risks and Rules

If you are coming for a ride with us, it is helpful to read our risks and rules before you show up. We will review these with you before your trip, but if you already know them, your time with us will be safer and more enjoyable. Also below is a waiver. If you have a large group coming, it is helpful to have the liability waiver signed by everyone before you show up as well. It saves a little check-in time.